Statement on Anti-Racism



Statement on Anti-Racism 

As professionals dedicated to improving communications, we thank those who helped us to better articulate our message.

Ontario's speech-language pathologists and audiologists have dedicated their careers to bettering the health, communication abilities, and quality of life of our patients, clients, and students. In all corners of our professions, we advocate for the dignity and inclusion of the vulnerable populations that we serve.

Respect and fairness are core values of the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. Historical and recent anti-Black Racism, and longstanding acts of racism and discrimination in Ontario and abroad are reprehensible. These acts stand in stark contrast to our professions’ ethics and morals where nondiscrimination is a cornerstone.  

As we conclude Speech and Hearing Awareness month, OSLA continues to reflect on specific ways to drive systemic change and promote the full inclusion of the diverse communities in Ontario.

- On behalf of the OSLA Board of Directors


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