Written Language Disorders
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A written language disorder is a disorder where the person has significant difficulty in reading, writing and/or spelling. 

  • Reading difficulties include difficulty decoding (pairing sounds with letters), recognizing words, reading fluently and comprehending written work. 
  • Writing difficulties include difficulty with written expression, organization and spelling.


How can a Speech-Language Pathologist help?

Speech-Language Pathologists can help by:


  • Assessing written skills using formal and informal writing and reading tasks
  • Evaluating pre-reading skills as well as phonological awareness skills (skills where the sounds of spoken language are recognized and played with using rhymes, syllables, etc.)
  • Suggesting accommodations (tools to help learn the same curriculum) and modifications (changes to the curriculum) be made at school or at work to help compensate for reading or writing difficulties
  • Conducting therapy sessions (on an individual or group basis) to target and improve writing and reading difficulties
  • Suggesting the use of graphic organizers, writing aids and computer-based technologies 
  • Working as part of a school team to provide adequate support for students with written language disorders


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