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boy working on fluency with practitioner

Stuttering (also known as a “Fluency Disorder”) is a speech disorder where involuntary breaks in the flow of speech (‘disfluencies’) are overly present in an individual's speech, impacting their ability to communicate effectively. These breaks in fluency are also sometimes accompanied by struggling behaviors (e.g., rapid eye blinks, tremors, tension in the body, etc.). There are several different types of disfluencies such as blocks (stops or pauses in speech), prolongations (prolonged sounds) and repetitions (repeating syllables, parts of words or the whole word). 

How can a Speech-Language Pathologist help?

Speech-Language Pathologists can help by:

  • assessing the individual's stuttering and analyzing the types and number of disfluencies in their speech
  • recommending a treatment plan and therapy to manage stuttering
  • providing education about direct and indirect strategies to implement to manage their disfluencies
  • suggesting local support groups and resources in your area

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