Selective Mutism
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 Practitioner treating boy with selective mutism


Selective mutism is a condition wherein a person is capable of speaking in comfortable situations, such as at home or with close family members, but refuses to speak at other times, in different places or in other situations.


How can a Speech-Language Pathologist help?

Speech-Language Pathologists can help by:


  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team (i.e. with a psychologist or psychiatrist) to assess and treat the individual with selective mutism 
  • Assessing their speech and language skills (expressive and receptive)
  • Providing treatment and therapy strategies to help manage their difficulties speaking in different environments such as stimulus fading (talking first to someone they know and slowly introducing a new person to the conversation), etc. 
  • Educating teachers, family members and caregivers about selective mutism and describing how they can support these individuals in creating a comfortable environment for conversation

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