Professional Development Resources

Please use your clinical judgement in following any of these sources.

Telepractice Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
OSLA's Telepractice Webinar with Deidre Sperry Link Administration 2020-03-27
OSLA- Telepractice Webinar Handout PDF (203.24 KB) Administration 2020-03-31
Tobii Dynavox 's Free Resources Link Administration 2020-04-03
Talking With Tech AAC Podcast Link Administration 2020-03-27
TinyEye's FREE Online Games/Activities for S-LPs Link Administration 2020-04-02
Lesson Pix for Therapy Materials  Link Administration 2020-03-27
Teletherapy Bootcamp from CHSA Link Administration 2020-03-27
S-LP Telecon from Bright Ideas Link Administration 2020-03-27