Board Nominations 2020



Board of Directors Nominations for 2020


As of October 2020, there will be vacancies on the OSLA Board of Directors. The OSLA Board of Directors is responsible and accountable for the work that OSLA does.

By being a member of OSLA’s Board of Directors, you will: 

  • Take an active role as a leader of our professions
  • Ensure that the needs and perspectives of you and your colleagues are heard
  • Work with many outstanding professionals and develop professionally as a result help shape the future of our professions in Ontario

As a member of OSLA’s Board of Directors, your responsibilities will include: 

  • Participate in 4 meetings per year, as well as our Annual General Meeting 
  • Participate in an average of 3 teleconferences per year
  • Assist in decision-making regarding the association’s governance, member services, and advocacy roles
  • Liaise with select Board members as part of Board committees that are in-line with your own interests (e.g., Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Board Leadership, Finance) 

In accordance with our Bylaws, we are seeking nominations of individuals from Districts 2, 4, and 6The 3-year term of newly elected members will commence on October 16, 2020 at our Annual General Meeting, with their inaugural Board meeting on November 21, 2020. 

The following districts will be holding elections in 2020 as designated by OSLA Bylaws*:

  • District 2- TWO Positions 
  • District 4- ONE Position
  • District 6- THREE Positions 

* Please click here for geographic descriptions and length of terms for Districts.

In addition to completing the nomination form below, please submit a copy of your most recent resume or C/V to OSLA’s CEO, Kelly Murray at  kmurray@osla.on.caNomination forms and resumes must be received by July 31, 2020 at 9:00 AM.

In all corners of our professions, we advocate for the dignity and inclusion of the diverse and vulnerable populations that we serve. OSLA has always been committed to diversity with representation of both professions, all regions in Ontario and Francophone members on our Board of Directors.  In our continued commitment, we are inviting members with lived experience across a diverse range of culture, race, gender, and abilities to put forth their name for election to enrich our association’s governance.

Should you have any questions about being a Director for OSLA, please do not hesitate to contact Angela Neglia at 

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