Accent Modification
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 patient consulting with practitioner for accent modification


About Accent Modification

Did you know that everyone speaks with an accent? Accents are a natural and expected part of communication, involving the sounds, prosody, and intonation of a language. An accent can reflect the pronunciation commonly used in a particular region, or the influence of home language(s). All accents are valuable, and none are better than another. An accent is not a speech disorder or a pathology.


Some people may find that listeners have difficulty understanding their accent, or that they need to repeat their messages many times before they are understood. They may believe that their accent is interfering with social, educational, personal, or professional goals. They may feel that it would be advantageous to use an accent that better matches the region in which they live. As such, they may choose to learn how to adjust or modify their accent.


Accent adjustment/modification is an elective form of speech therapy, offered by some speech-language pathologists. As experts in pronunciation, clinicians can help you learn to use different speech sounds and intonation patterns which might help you be better understood by others, and increase your confidence


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