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March 27, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tiffany Budhoo
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From: "@MOH-G-Assistive Devices Program" <>


Date: March 27, 2020 at 3:59:26 PM EDT

To: "@MOH-G-Assistive Devices Program" <>


The Ministry appreciates the continued support of ADP-registered vendors, authorizers, and clinics, and their on-going commitment to ADP clients during this pandemic.  The Ministry understands that the closure of the ADP office may negatively impact the sector and clients, possibly resulting in increased financial risk to ADP-registered vendors. 


To facilitate ADP-registered vendors continuing to dispense devices that do not relate to previously approved claims during the ADP office closure, ADP-registered vendors will receive regularly scheduled payments based on historical invoices (vendors will continue to receive bi-weekly payments based on their average payment for the last 6 payment runs, if their average bi-weekly payment was greater than $1,000), starting with the payment run where vendors are scheduled to receive their reports on April 10, funding to be deposited on April 20.  This will be in addition to the payments related to invoices submitted for approved claims and eligible for payment. 


Our electronic database will still receive and process, and make payments for, all invoices submitted and eligible for payment according to the existing payment schedule.  In addition, reports will continue to be provided to vendors showing payments and application status every second Friday.  For those devices dispensed during this period that relate to a previously approved claim, the ADP-registered vendor should submit the invoice as per routine practices.  


Please note that as of March 23, 2020, “Businesses that sell, rent or repair assistive/mobility/medical devices, aids and/or supplies” have been included on the List of Essential Workplaces (  During this time, ADP-registered vendors that remain open may dispense assistive devices to clients who meet ADP eligibility requirements and in line with ADP policies (and any temporary measures recently implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Authorizers must consider Directive #2 for Health Care Providers (Regulated Health Professionals or Persons who operate a Group Practice of Regulated Health Professionals) issued by the Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health on March 19, 2020 and other relevant directives/guidelines/regulation, when considering whether to complete an assessment.  Directive #2 stipulates that:


·       “All non-essential and elective services should be ceased or reduced to minimal levels, subject to allowable exceptions, until further notice.”

·       “Clinicians are in the best position to determine what is essential in their specific health practice. In making decisions regarding the reduction or elimination of non-essential and elective services, regulated health professionals should be guided by their regulatory College” and principles outlined in the Directive.  


The ADP office closure was the result of decisions relating to the provision of government services during the current pandemic.  The end date for this temporary closure is not known at this time.


Applications must not be submitted until the office re-opens.  Applications received to date but not adjudicated as of March 24, 2020 will be adjudicated when the office re-opens. 


Once the ADP office re-opens, ADP-registered vendors must submit applications for clients assessed during the ADP office closure. These claims will be adjudicated, and future payments will be reconciled against the advanced payments. Further details regarding reconciliation will follow.


The ADP is taking steps in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to address concerns from stakeholders and ensure policies are appropriately flexible and protect the health and safety of prescribers, authorizers, clients, and vendor staff, including by minimizing unnecessary contact.




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