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Public Resources

For more information on Speech, Language, or Hearing, please choose from the list of our brochures below:

Acquired Brain Injury Resources 

Accessibility - More than Ramps and Wide Doorways!

Audiology Fact Sheet 

Caring for People with Communication Disorders Including The Role of SLPs and Audiologists 

Finding Services in Ontario

Fluency Devices - Information for Consumers

Guide to the Disability Tax Credit by TurboTax 

Hear Today and Tomorrow - Hearing Loss and How Audiologists Can Help

Learning About Accent Adjustment

Learning About Acquired Brain Injury and Cognitive Communication

Learning About Aphasia - Reading

Learning About Aphasia - Speaking

Learning About Aphasia - Understanding

Learning About Aphasia - Writing

Learning About Apraxia

Learning About Articulation

Learning About Auditory Processing Disorders

Learning About Autism Spectrum Disorders

Learning About Cleft Lip or Palate

Learning About Concussions

Learning About Dysarthria

Learning About Dysphagia

Learning About Learning Disabilities

Learning About Parkinsons

Learning About Phonological Disorders

Learning About Social Communication Disorders

Learning About Stuttering

Otitis Media A Brief Guide Including the Role of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Purchasing Hearing Aids - Tips on Making an Informed Decision

Questions and Answers About Your Voice

Reading Develops Language Skills 

Speech-Language Pathology Fact Sheet 

The Role of Audiologists in Hearing Loss 

The Role of Speech-Language Pathology Services

The Speech-Language Pathologist's Role in Dysphagia (Swallowing) Services

Speech-Language Pathologists' Roles and Services - Community-Based Health Care

Speech-Language Pathologists Roles and Services - Rehabilitation

Speech-Language Pathologists Roles and Services - School Boards 

 Speech-Language Pathologists Roles and Services Flyer - School Boards 

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